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August 11, 2008


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I will definitely take and post plenty of pics! Boyfriend will gripe and try to resist but when I say it's for the blog he will be forced to comply as he's very supportive of the blogging. :)

spleeness - thanks for the heads up about blogged! I'm kind of embarrassed to admit I wasn't aware of that site, but I submitted myself today, so fingers crossed!


pix, please!! And have an awesome time!

BTW you should submit your blog here: http://www.blogged.com


Hi Kimmers. You are all linked up at Blog Around the World. Thanks for including your name!


I'm so excited for you! I've never been to Maine, but would love to go. Please take lots of pictures for us!


Ooh, looks lovely! I hope you have a fabulous time and I am jealous as I have never been to Maine but always wanted to include it in my "been to" lists.

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