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September 30, 2008


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burg - Trust me, so did I. :(

haute.pocket - I haaaaaaaate going to the gym, so we're giving the walking & biking a shot for now. That, and less cookies.

spleeness - Errors officially discounted. My head is KILLING me and I've had a headache as well as an (unrelated? related?) earache in my right ear all day too. Not fun... so lucky there were lots of good bullet points to balance out the head injury lol. FL pics soon I promise. :)

bex - Red Robin. Guacamole bacon turkey burger. YUM.


I got lost after "no coffee."


Aww the end of vacation is always the worst! I do hope your grandmother recovers quickly, she's in my thoughts. Good luck working out! (I'm starting tonight too...Gross! lol.)


oh. god. please ignore egregious typos/errors in previous post. Apparently stress head-bashing in cube isn't good for one's brightness level at work.


The good outweighs the bad, as long as you don't have to brush your hair or touch your head! For days! Oh no. Hope that goes away soon. I was made myself a cheap headboard by folding an egg-crate cushion in half and stuffing it behind the mattress, then draping a throw over it. Made a cushy lean-back, maybe would also have head-bashing prevention merit as well.

Glad you enjoyed FL, want to see pix! And so glad your grandma is doing better!!


Where did one acquire said guacamole turkey burger?

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