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June 15, 2010


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I am pretty freakin old, and ahve been thru this for along time, so I started a new blog to talk about things like feeling deprived, and forced to excercise, and tricks to adopting a different lifestyle vs feeling frustrated.It's about adding in what you need, instead of cutting out what you want.
Come by and read, or bring up a topic you want to know more about. I love research :)

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake

I'm going to be blunt and personal here. I notice I ALWAYS gain a couple of pounds around a certain time of the month, if you know what I mean. FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK. I've had to learn to not even weigh myself for days 21-30 of my cycle.


I gotta agree that you should be happy that you're establishing a pattern! But maybe you should push back to weighing in every two weeks so you don't get so bummed out! You're not going to lose weight after working out for three days :p

Jen kollmer

Try cutting back on carbs. Not too
much to leave u deprived, though. U would b surprised the amount of foods that have carbs- yogurt, fruit, and veggies, aside from common knowledge stuff like breads and crackers. Cut out tge breads and snack carbs but keep the better carbs. Always works! Egg whites (liquid are great) help too for losing calories. Grazing on snacks has gotten me in the past too! Its tough. Ive found sometimes if i put too much pressure on myself, that sabotages my goals. Eat healthy but try not to focus too too much on food. If i focus too much and obsess, my body seems to hold onto the pounds. Good luck!! Get jillian michael's book "master your metabolism." its very insightful...


Dude! Do you not see what awesome progress you've made? You are establishing a habit, which generally takes about a month. You are running more and aspire to increase even that, and you are thinking about your intake & what you're burning. Those are HUGE steps, actually. Don't worry about a lil' ole pound. That is going to melt away and I bet if you keep it up, next week will feel even better. Hang in there!

What do I do to get motivated? Sigh. I haven't found the answer yet. Treat yourself to your favorite music and make it fun - I do get in the mood to move when I hear a good beat.

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