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July 31, 2008


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spleeness - hahaha, the chili had me giggling at my desk... you're so right. That's definitely some sketch chili. "Would of" is another great one.


lol! I'm totally with you. Other peeves: "I would of called" and using quotes for emphasis, like: "The "BEST" chili around!!" Um, no, actually I would be suspicious of said chili now.


joshlos - Champagne and campaign? Seriously??? Aughhhhh. I could not deal with that at all. At least not without serious background mocking!


We had a guy at the newspaper where I used to work whose copy was reportedly terrible (I never actually saw it). Among other things, my personal favorite I heard about was his often mash-up of, or sometimes outright mix-up between champagne and campaign. I mean, c'mon... seriously?

Oh, and thanks for stopping by via hautepocket. Hi back!


chris - Sadly I have got you beat, although the "barbecue" rant had me in a fit of giggles... when I was in high school I had a friend who *consistently* spelled "phew" as "few" and "awkward" (brace yourself, this is going to hurt) as "ockword".


And I was a snotty little know-it-all at that age (ahem) so when I replied to his emails I always very helpfully included corrections for his mispellings.

Thanks for stopping by. :)


haute.pocket - Well, that's humiliating. I'd go back and edit the post to save face, but I think it's hysterical that I made the VERY MISTAKE I WAS MOCKING, so up it stays! Spellcheck couldn't save me on that one! :)


Molly is a fool, ignore her!

"Definately" is my current pet peeve, but I have room in my heart to hate all mistakes!

We talk about "queues" a lot at my work (well we are English, and queuing *is* a national pastime!) and people there have pretty much given up on 80% of the letters and call them "q"s.

In fact a work colleague (or as I sometimes see, "a work college") of mine tried a riddle on me the other day - "What five letter word is pronounced the same and has the same meaning if you remove four letters?"

The answer of course is "you are a retard; queue is a word and Q is a letter, and although they sound the same they cannot have the same meaning, as 'Q' has no independent meaning other than being the useful letter it is."

Don't even get me started on "barbecue".

Here are my (least) favourite renderings:


Argh, Bar-B-Q! Arrgh! Aaaarghhh!!!

Sorry, I have got carried away. Nice to meet you!


*"immediateLY know you've got it wrong." hehehe. :) Sorry, I couldn't resist. But yes, that's my problem, too. Get it right, especially if you're getting paid!


You would get along well with my friend Chris at The Chrlog (see my blogroll). He is anal retentive about spelling and grammar. Sometimes I leave him comments with spelling mistakes just to wind him up. Works like a charm every time!

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