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July 23, 2008


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lmao, I can totally picture this conversation!

Trooper Thorn

You see Kimmers, stupid people live in a world where if they say things enough, it becomes the truth, like "I'm not pregnant", "I didn't stab you" and "They guy's coming at 4:30."

Thanks for coming by my blog on time.


Oh my gosh, that's so frustrating! I HATE having my day/responsibilities disrupted by stupid things like this. So did the delivery guy EVER come?

P.S. Craiglist might actually be worth checking in to! I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff that way! Good luck!


Oh my gosh... I DIDN'T EVEN get to make my pasta! I ran in the door at 430 and started filling a pot with water thinking I could quickly boil the pasta before the delivery guy showed up, but then Nick pointed out that if he DID come soon after 430, it might be kind of tough for him to carry the stove downstairs with hot burners. SO instead we made chicken tenders and fries in the toaster oven (yes, we are 12 years old) only for the guy to not show. Figures!

I am thinking of having Sears take the old stove on Saturday when they bring the new one... if that turns out to be $$$$ I will resort to craigslist. :)


On the bright side, did you get to cook pasta last night?!

Um, I am thinking Craigslist, as much as you have had your fill of it, it is the only way to get someone to come over and pick up the stuff and pay you.

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