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July 31, 2008


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oh no. I truly feel for you. Without sleep I am a wreck so I can picture what you're going through! When our dog was keeping us up, we put him in a different room for the night (so he couldn't hang out outside the bedroom door) and, in the bedroom, put on a loud fan to drown out external noise. That helped a little... let us know what the vet says and if there's anything that can be done.


Seriously, I think Simba is ready for a companion cat. I've got (way too) many cats and some of them are what I like to call second-shifters. The come alive when we go to bed, then they sleep all day.

Sheri Weppel

I have to admit, my dog has a nightlight for that reason. We never had one before we got her. Good luck :)


matt - I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about. ;)


nat - Oh lord I will cry if this truly is a Preview to Motherhood!

tiffany - I don't know if he didn't cry or if the exhaustion his me... but I fell into bed like a rock last night and FINALLY slept through the night!!

jaci - Ohhhhhh we have a (very loud) air conditioner AND a fan, both in our bedroom. This cat has a cry like a mountain lion.

haute pocket - My cat is an eating machine too. He eats 4 pieces of kibble at a time, about 60 times a day, and anxiously monitors the amount of food in his bowl at all times. And Simba really looks like the Disney character, and when Nick is feeling silly, sometimes he holds him up Pride Rock Style and sings Lion King songs. Which Simba so appreciates!


I suggest slow roasted or barbeque with a nice honey glaze. Make sure you clean them thoughly because their hair get everywhere and don't cook them too long. They get tough if you do that.




Ok, two things:

1. That is HILARIOUS. Our cat wakes us up on weekends, by pushing her paws on our face, so that we will get up and refill her food bowl, DESPITE the fact that we never go to sleep without filling it. She's relentless.

2. My family had a dog name Simba, growing up. :)


Umm...how about a white noise machine or a fan to drown out the noise of the cat? I use it to drown out Elizabeth...uh, I mean...did I say that out loud? :P


Lack of sleep is THE WORST. I think they use it as torture in some countries. Do whatever you have to. Get to sleep.


Well if nothing else at least this is preparing you for what children would be like. bleh...


Oh Molly, very soon I may be that desperate!! Yesterday I wrote out a To Do list and the last item was "slip Simba a sleeping pill".

That or I'm taking one!! Something's gotta give!


Hmm, does Children's Benadryl have the same effect on a cat that it does on a small child? Mama may need to go buy some!!!

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