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July 28, 2008


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molly - Thank you!! I wil send out some good vibes for one of us to win the ipod... I'm dying without mine. It's almost enough for me to desert Verizon and go over to AT&T, just so I can get an iphone! (Unfortunately I just resigned my contract...)


Well Burg will do a brilliant job if you are lucky enough to win her, but either way, I want you to be a winner and you have four chances, so get entering!

If I win the iPod by some fluke, I may just have to send it over to you because now I feel like you have to be a winner!


But... *sniff, sniff* my ipod drowned... and I think a shiny new one is just the thing to get me over the loss!

Besides, Ms. Target giftcard, I haven't won anything yet. :) It's very sad. I need a win. I promote and promote and promote, and still I lose lose lose... that's the Kimmers luck for you!

I will definitely be entering your contest, just need to get the creative juices flowing first! I've got my eye on the blog makeover, because I don't have a clue how to do that myself and I'm dying for an overhaul.


How can you win the iPod when I am going to win it?!! You can be a winner over at my blog, I have some cool martini giveaways that would look lovely in your new kitchen!!!


Thank you! I actually only recently found SITS... but I think it's an interesting concept, and great if you're looking for some fun new blogs to read, which I usually am.


congrats on the progress! I've never really gotten to check out SITS, i'll have to start doing that.

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