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August 07, 2008


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Attorneys, gotta love 'em, or not! Candor...that's funny!

Comin' thru from SITS! You're stuff is funny!


Oh, I LOVE this too! :)


haute pocket - I would love to give you his number, but as he works out of Philadelphia I am thinking he is a bit long distance for you! :)

molly - Sadly it seems that it is not meant to be for Chris and I, what with my boyfriend and his girlfriend. :*(

I have actually been stalking his page since my first grammar post - sadly, he hasn't updated lately. :( But I will definitely keep going back, any fellow grammar snob bears visiting!


Seriously, it is a shame you have a boyfriend and my friend Chris has a girlfriend - you two were made for each other (www.thechrlog.blogspot.com - I think!).


ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod, can i have his phone number?! hehe.

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