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August 11, 2008


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Hey! Now I can check that off my list of things I'd like to see if cats can fit into! If you could just cram a third one in there, that'd be just great! :)

I'm thinking I'd like to try and put my 80lb dog in one of those handbag things and carry her around with me like people who have their little dogs..


bex - They really are, thank you. :)

molly - My cats are indoors only and shit in a box, so I think you might like them after all! I will forgive you for your cat hating and tell myself it's only 'cause you haven't met them in person.

spleeness - I think I really might do the Q&A soon! Seems like a lot of fun. Glad I gave you a laugh today!

jia - I wish that line had come to me at the time, I totally would've used it!!

haute.pocket - I am grace personified, what can I say? :)


My first reaction upon seeing the photo was "ahhhhh! cute!!!"

Upon calming down and actually reading the rest of the entry I couldn't help but giggle incessantly, because, wow...I am the same way! I can barely walk my dogs without tripping over them. Funny post! And I'm glad your pets are healthy ;)


OMG too funny! I can literally just picture walking into the vets office and the carrier crashing to the floor. "What seems to be the trouble with your pets today?" The vet asks. "Well, possible whip lash, trauma and shock." LMAO!


I just sprayed the screen! "On the plus side, my crushing weight held the carrier together" -- LMAO!

I could totally picture your entire vet visit, what a crack up! (Except for the miserable shrills the cats made, my heart went out to them too, poor little ones.)

btw saw your comment on Hautepocket, totally open up a Q&A session, that would be so cool! Or at least keep in mind...?


Will you hate me if I say I am not a cat person? Because that to me is like someone telling me they don't like martinis. I just want to cry. But seriously, I don't do cats. I am crazy allergic, they seem to know it and take great delight in annoying me.

Oh, and the cats from next door come into my garden to shit and kill birds which they leave both as presents for me. Why don't cats shit in their own gardens?


hahaha too cuuuuuute

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