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August 20, 2008


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You can use anything in that Swiss Chicken bake. That's what's great about it. Substitute some other veggie for the mushrooms or just do half on one side of the dish. As for the wine you don't have to buy the huge regular drinking wine. You can use the cooking wine in the oil/condiment/baking aisle.


lol. Might be a hint that you were just meant to eat out!


oh my god! i have done this *countless* times. so many times, in fact, that i refuse to ever drain anything again. draining has become a 'boyfriend job.' so sweet though that nick got you more noodles. :)

Muffy Willowbrook

Oh no!! Did you miss the collander?!


that tooootally looks like the inside of a hamster cage if you glance quickly.

my Q: which man over the age of 50 would you go out with?


No use crying over spilled noodles.....or something to that effect!

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