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August 17, 2008


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I would have wanted to see your photos! I'm laughing though about how you said "maybe no one cares" because I thought that too, especially when I was posting a picture of my freaking guest room, like anyone cares what the spare bed looks like. ha. At least your photos would have been interesting. And at least you described it so we can picture you walking on the jetties, etc.

About the meds, I was like this once when I injured a muscle and it seized painfully up. The medicine doc gave me knocked me out to the point where I could not keep my eyes open! There was no way to fight it. It's hard to describe exactly how deliriously exhausted one can get unless you've been there!


People find this strange but for the last 12 years I spent 10 of them living near the beach. 5 years were spent living within walking distance. Other then the times I could walk I never went to the beach. Don't get me wrong, I love the beach. But after you can just walk there with your keys in your pocket and walk home it seems like such a hassle to get in the car and drag all the stuff with you. I know, I'm crazy.

I also agree with the picture thing. I've rarely ever taken pictures or allowed myself to be photographed and now I miss the chance to go back and look at all the fun times I had. I'm trying to change that habit and take my camera with me now. I still have a long way to go because I carry it everywhere and never take a picture.




joshlos - You know, I've often wondered about that too, and this weekend I think that was the case... we just had too much fun to bother with the camera. I was also kind of worried that beach + camera = disaster... all in all it just seemed easier to let myself forget about the camera for a few days! But it's much more typical of me to eagerly capture every happy moment on film. And then sappily page through the scrapbook pages and Relive the Memories. Haha.

karen - I promise I will take pictures next month when we go to Disney... maybe even go totally crazy and take some videos. :)

molly & haute pocket - It really was so, so much fun... totally relaxing and just what we needed. :)


Um, I care about the beach pictures! But I'll let it slide because you had a great time. :) That's so funny about the medication, but I totally sympathize with the awful groggy feeling that comes after. Glad you had fun though!


My hubby tells people that I am part Japanese because I ALWAYS have my camera with me. At the hospital, at dinner, at the grocery store...I purposely left it at home when we went to dinner for our anniversary in July just as a gift to him.

I take pictures of everything, because you never know what you may need an illustration for. Oh, and I do wish you had taken pictures, I love to see other people's pictures too.


What is it like to sleep until 9am, please tell me? Ned has had me up at 6am on Saturday and Sunday!

Sounds like you had a fab time and I'm glad you got to do all the things you enjoy, even if you did forget to take pictures!


See, I am interested in this whole picture discussion. I think it's better to be the type of person who takes a lot of pictures than to be someone like me, who pretty much never takes pictures. To make things worse, I also somehow manage to avoid other peoples' cameras while I'm with people who take pictures. So, because pictures of me are so few and far between, additional issues arise. Issues like: of the mere four pics in which I've made a cameo during the past two years or so, two are awful, and I'm in the background in the other two. I'll look back and wonder what the crap happened during this portion of my life. You, on the other hand, will always know, and also, by having so many photos, you can throw out bad ones of yourself knowing good ones still remain.

Additional related question: could the good times had during your vacation correlate to the number of pictures taken (ie: fewer pictures = less time photodocumenting things = more time spent having fun)?

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