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August 04, 2008


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Z's Mom - At least I'm not alone with the office supplies! I'm proud of the cherry stem trick. :)

Z's Mom

Thanks for the tag....I'm working on that tonight.

I can do the thing with the cherry stem too..its been awhile since I've tried it though.

What is it about women and office supplies??? Yeah, I'm in on that too...


I love office supplies!


Kimmers, your blog is looking ASSOME!! I love it!


You are my twin! It's uncanny! I love office supplies too, Staples to me is like a toy store. Thanks for the tag, that was so much fun!!


Ooh thanks for the tag mate. I am with you on number 3 and funnily enough recently had a conversation about no.2. My friend can do it with snakes. The lollies obviously not a real snake. That would just be odd.


stephanie - I'm with you, a contest win AND a tag? Good pull this week!

haute.pocket - I think we are in fact soulmates. I am the whitest person alive but I totally think I'm Tupac haha. You should see me low ridin' in my car. Totally gangsta. And my love of office supplies is bizarre but intense. Whether or not I will actually use them has absolutely no bearing on their purchase.

Angie - I can't wait to see what facts you come up with! I think these things are great... It's like a quick little glimpse into your personality.


Thanks for the tag. I always love to get to know those whose blogs I read with neat lists like these! :)


Are you kidding me? Office supplies? I LOVE THEM, TOO. I'm not allowed to go into these stores because I emerge with far more items than a reasonably sane person would ever exit with. AND you're a gangsta like me. Are we soulmates? lol


WOW, what an amazing week. I win my first contest and now I am tagged first. Good timing as I am about to drive home from work for 48 minutes. Should give me ample time to think about myself and the weirdness that is I. :)

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