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September 11, 2008


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This is a great tag, and one I haven't seen....if you can believe that?

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Love lists. Love learning more about you through your list.....your boyfriend, too! :)


Hey I've missed you! But I figured you were busy. I knew your blog wasn't dying! What a horrible thought.

Hope you have a GREAT trip and if you come up with more obsessions, let us know!

Now I'm mulling over my own...


Hahaha, both are great lists! The oil free products is my fave.


Thanks for participating!! Great list, and I like that you added your bf's. I could've went on and on... I have many vices! But I guess those were the biggest.


1. Ned.
2. Martinis.
3. Starbucks.
4. Hollywood trashy gossip.
5. Becoming a sex phone operator because apparently I appear not to be good enough as no one has responded to my application!


I love that your boyfriend said you're addicted to your cat!

I might have a hard time only listing FIVE things I'm addicted to. :)

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