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September 02, 2008


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Once upon a time I had a cat.. Then I got my cat a cat.. The first cat tried to drown the second one in the bathtub. It took a good long while before she decided he could live.

Mrs. D

I tagged you on my post about current addictions. :-)


Can I borrow Jasper? I have serious cat envy. Our kitty, while allowing us to adore her from afar, does not like to be held or touched. I'd almost forgotten that most cats are not like that!

mama's losin' it

ps your boyfriend is totally hot.

mama's losin' it

Thank heavens! I thought I was losing for real. :) Still sad because that means I haven't dropped in in over a month! I'm a bad bad bloggy friend.

And whoa...have I really hit THAT status. That's a trip because I totally did the same thing when Ashley from Ashley's Closet left a comment on MY blog...that was months ago...she's never come back. I'm like you though, I don't take it personally and I still shower her with comment love...because I love her...even if she doesn't love me back.

Did I say I don't take it personally??? Excuse me while I go dry my tears....



haute pocket - I've never seen another cat do the hug thing! SO CUTE.

molly - Jasper would immediately sense your dislike and set about winning you over. Look at Simba, that's over a year now and still in progress!

mrs coupon lady - He's quite the character. I have so many Jasper stories. He keeps us very entertained!

joshlos - Your comment cracked both Nick and I up. Nick is totally offended that I posted such a bad picture of Simba, so I had to promise to upload some flattering shots this weekend to make up for it! But trust me, his expression in the one I posted is Classic Simba.

Mrs D - I too am a Pet Lady in training. I'm currently begging Nick for a new kitten. So far he is resisting but who can keep saying no to a little ball of fluff?! If not for Nick my house would be overrun.

Kathy - I think we covered this on your page. :) Thanks for stopping by! I am nothing if not persistent. :)


It's funny because when I popped over I was all "oh her page looks different...did she switch to typepad??"...and now I'm wondering...are their TWO kimmers?? Because I swear I visit Kimmers every now and again...one of my best comment leavers...but I feel like I haven't been to this page.

Did you change your layout? Or have I really not been here before?? And if it's the second one then I am SOOO sorry and soo getting to the bottom of that and finding out if their are two of you.

ps I LOVE that your cats match your personality. That's hysterical!! Way to be persistent and win out in the end!!

mama's losin' it

Awww I love cats...but I'm wondering whats wrong with your husband to make his cat so anti-social. Do your cats reflect your personalities?? Now I'm picturing you inch closer and closer to your husband as you try to win him over. LOL. Too funny. Your cat is adorable!!

Great post!


LOL, I, too, am a future crazy cat lady. I'd have a million now if not for my husband. I could go on and on about my cat. He's a beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat-mix we adopted from a shelter. And he's spoiled spoiled spoiled. And we have a million a.k.a. names for him, too! Must come with being a cat lover. :-)
Nice post!


I gotta show some love for Simba because, if for no other reasons, 1. His name's Simba, and 2. The look he's giving in that picture is pretty hardcore, and thus awesome.


I'm totally already in love with Jasper! Love the story about them getting along. Sounds so much like some of my kitties.


Jasper would so not like me because I do not like cats. Not in a mean way, they aren't my cup of tea and they insist on rubbing against me and seem to take great delight in the fact that I am highly allergic!


You're cats are so cute! And for the record, I'm totally a cat lady and therefore I approve.

Also, our cat Tippy does the hug thing and it's easily one of the cutest things I have EVER seen. When she was a baby she'd climb up our pant legs. (See? Totally blabbering about my cat!)

Cute post. And I love the photos. I mean, really. My heart is melting.

insane mama

aWWWW. Jasper is a cutie!

Muffy Willowbrook

Looks like both of those kitties have a loving and wonderful place to call home.

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