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October 07, 2008


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1. a favorite childhood book?

2. do you make new year's resolutions? If so, what do you typically resolve?

3. black ink or blue? Or pencil?

4. does your car have a name?

5. Complete sentence: I would rather ____ than talk on the phone...


Kimmers, where for art though Kimmers?
Just letting you know you made my SITS blogathon list! Thanks for keeping me amused :)


I have spent the last hour catching up on blogs and I am not even done yet. My head hurts!!


Oh my question is: If you could get away with doing one thing illegal, what would it be, and why? Our morality gauges will be turned off for this answer :)


I support pictures.

My Q: What is your biggest pet peeve, and why?


Q: How long do you brush your teeth for? And how thoroughly? Also, do you floss regularly?

(Clearly I missed my calling in investigative journalism.)


I have spent two days this week trying to catch up on my blog reading. If I miss one day, I get so behind.


Doesn't it feel satisfying knowing you've left some blog love? See, I just did! Now I'm on top of my shit and it feels fabulous :) All thanks to you, and I'm not really leaving blog land for long, it was only long enough to get some homework done. So keep checking back :)Hope to see you around!!

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