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October 02, 2008


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I'm about to go back to those dark ages.. :(

mama's losin' it

Oh man I am TRYING to get back into reading again...but the internet keeps my clicking away...

Love this one!!


Talking on the phone, for me, died a violent and instant death with the advent of email.

HA! I agree with you. Someone had better be dying if you're calling me. I hate talking on the phone!


I'm right there with you. I haven't read many books since I've been blogging.


Your post is so true for me! I do still read, but only at night before going to bed. I prefer email over talking on the phone. I'm so darn talkative that if I get on a roll with a girlfriend we can talk for hours......that doesn't happen in email! :)


lol- I have to balance between my blogging and reading to get it all in..ugh.


Man, I wish I had a whole day to devote to book reading. At the beginning of summer I got a bunch of books that I reaaaaaaally wanted to read, but I only got through two or three. Fail.


Haha, "possibly talk to Nick," you're funny. I know what you're saying-I HATE talking on the phone after work. My home time is meant to unwind and spend with my loved ones, I can chat all day online at work. (Ha!) Also, I used to read before the Internet, too. You're right, it IS a delicate balance. Cute post!

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