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November 24, 2008


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When am I going to learn to cut & paste properly?

Pinkeye post:



At first I thought you were getting pinkeye and I got all excited that I wasn't alone (see my pinkeye post: http://spleeness.blogspot.com/2008/06/i-am-one-of-infected.html) but then I read further and saw that it's muscle strain. Aw! I hope you feel better. I hate wearing glasses but don't tolerate contact lenses, so my fate is to look interminably bookish myself...


Oh no! I had something like that happen once and it was NOT FUN. I of course, wore my contacts again before my eye was totally healed and wound up out of lenses for a month. Bad news bears.

I love your blog design! Such cute colors and the background is great.


Awwe! What a cute husband!

I feel your pain. Contacts are freaking expensive, and so are glasses. You get one or the other (usually the contacts) and make due with what you have (the same frames you've had since the 8th grade). I feel you. :)


You make me laugh.

(But I'm with you sister...I'm blind without my contacts, too.)


Thanks to my contacts, my eyes always dry out pretty easily, especially in places like Wal-Mart, Target, and stores with really high ceilings and high-powered temperature control systems. Every now and again, I'll get something in one of my eyes that pretty much cripples my ability to do anything but focus on getting whatever it is out of my eye, especially when I'm at one of those places. I've noticed my eye turn that bright fire engine red in those situations. Not a fun feeling seeing that.


contacts are the devil. I used to fight with them atleast ten times a day. So I was convinced I needed Lasik. I LOVE MY EYES and I want to kiss them everyday.

and hey sleeping until Thanksgiving sounds like a damn good idea. :)


Hahaha, that is too cute!


I love when people turn agony into something funny! That totally sucks but at least you got a good post out of it! And new glasses. I gave up on contacts about 8 years ago because of so many problems. Embrace the glasses...they are just so much easier! And it does make you look more intellectual and writerly...unless you have to wear gigantic thick coke bottles like myself and you just look nerdy.

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