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December 03, 2008


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Mama Kat

I can't wait to take our kids to disneyland for the first time. We're waiting for Kainoa to get a little bigger. So you're a giant child...who can blame you really.

Cheryl @ Pixie Dusted

I love Disneyland. I went to Disney World once as a kid, but Disneyland is where my heart is. Im a HUGE Disney freak, and so is my Boyfriend, so we are a match made in heaven. I have a DisFriends account, too. (its like myspace, but Disney) I know, Im sick. I cant help it. Im happy!!


Disney is great... especially with kids. Pirates of the Carribean is the way to go. How cool is it that 3 hit movies were made based on a Disney theme park ride?


Oh wow, that almost sounds like it was written by someone in my family. Granted, we haven't been NEARLY as many times as you. My parents went there on their honeymoon, and it has been a family thing ever since. In fact, the next trip for our fam is scheduled for March. Good times. :)


I can totally tell you guys all think I'm weird now. And I would try to defend myself, but considering I just wrote an entire post about Disney World, I figure it's probably a pretty fair assessment.


is it sad to say that I have never been to Disney World?

oh but I have been to Disney Land a BAZILLION times. My aunt used to work there so when I was a kid she made us go to work with her just about every day in the summer. Talk about BORING. ;)


I have never been to Disney and would LOVE to go. I'm actually thinking that a trip BEFORE we have kids would be a lot of fun.

Elizabeth M.

What's not to love about Disney? And I love your child-like enthusiasm!


Well, you've met your match. My husband and I are avowed Disney Haters! We think Epcot is a huge gift shop, and we actually go to Orlando almost every year...AND NEVER GO TO A DISNEY PARK! My sister-in-law is like you ... she tries to go as often as she can..latching on to other people's vacactions as a "built-in" travel-along babysitter if she has to. I'm thinking you've been brainwashed from a very young age and must undergo deprogramming. Are you sure there isn't a Mouse-shaped chip implanted under your skin? They've gotten to you Kimmers! Runnnnnnnn!


I've never been to Orlando, but being a California native, I've been to Disneyland more times than I can count on both hands and feet. I love it! Soooo magical.


I have never been to Disney and never plan to go. I'm just not into theme parks. At all. But, you can take me fishing any time, any place.

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