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January 07, 2009


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Angel A.

OMG!!! I'm new to your blog,but I already feel like we are so alike!!! The animal lover,shopaholic thing,stubborness,obsessiveness,...you could be describing me.Also, we are renovating a house right now that I can't wait to move into, after living in a high-rise that I DISLIKE immensely. So much to be said for all this,-I'm so lucky financially to be in the spot we are in,...but still want to live in a house w/ my kitty, (and hopefully a few more kitties, and dogs if I have any say in it!!!) I will keep visiting,thanks!


I totally can relate with the impulsiveness and the bookwormness...and the impulsive-bookwormness. They're just too fun! Ever since I was like 8 I've had like four books checked out of the library. When I started getting money for my birthdays, I'd spend like 30 bucks on books. Most girls go for shoes or makeup...I went for the bookstore.

As far as the shopaholic thing though...I've got a mom who is one (reforming I think though...somewhat....she says she is, anyway) and I've tried hard not to put others through what she put me through. It can be hard. I'm sympathetic though. I know how fun it can be to buy everything you want now now NOW!

mama kat

Wow. We are a LOT alike! Except for the animal love...I used to love them! But then I had kids. Now I only love myself.


Oooh I hate the budget too. It's that much harder after the insane excesses of the holiday season, I just want to spend, spend, spend!


Whoa bloggers from another mother? So the same, and I HATE the budget.


Whoa bloggers from another mother? So the same, and I HATE the budget.


Hi Kimmers! Coming from Mama Kat and my friend Mel's blog...

My husband sent me this link last year, and I can honestly say I learned something from it. I used to talk till I was blue in the face, or he would give up, and I too didn't want to go to bed mad... but... as I said, this article taught me a lot. http://www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/personal/09/26/o.improve.your.marriage/index.html


I share your love for reality tv. I swear I don't think it will ever get old for me.


The bookish side of me immediately wants to know what books you got!!!!

Great list and I enjoyed your self-analysis.

I hadn't been by in a while (I think I lost your link in my blog makeover somewhere) but I've gotten caught up on some of your last posts. I definitely think you should get a Kindle (and then tell me how it is). And I hope the engagement happens this year. And write a book -- I'll read it!

Anyway, happy New Year!


Now you are my kind of girl. :)

Courtney at Blogging Matilda

Wow, I think we may have shared a womb :) Stubborn shop-o-holics unite! Lol. I wonder what exactly my beloved would choose for words for me? Hmmmm.... I'm gonna have to try this :)

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