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January 12, 2009


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years ago when i wore contacts, I was allergic to the solutions that had thimerasol in them. I had to get plain old saline solution that had no preservatives in it. After that, I had no problems at all.


My eye doctor kept pushing a particular brand of solution on me, even though I told him time and again that it irritated my eyes. It wasn't as hardcore as the irritation you dealt with, but just enough to be annoying. So that, plus the fact that the solution I prefer costs less, makes it a no-brainer for me to continue w/ my current solution. I hate irritated eyes. Glad yours are cleared up, although they did provide some entertaining stories.


My vote would be for the house if you could swing it. A house always seems to hold its value more than condos/townhouses and this might be a rare opportunity because mortgage rates are still low and it's a buyer's market.

Location is key and the fact that you both like this neighborhood... see if it might work?

My dad has always said that sometimes if you're faced with an overwhelming decision, think about what you'll wish you'd done in a year (or further down the road). Maybe you'll wish you were celebrating Christmas in the new house come this time next year?

Whatever you decide, best of luck!

Oh and don't fret about losing money on the condo. If you were renting, ALL your monthly living expenses would be lost, no tax benefit and probably not even as nice of a place to live.


We are facing the exact same dilemna as you guys are except we're quite certain our condo is valued at less than what we paid for it, even with all of the upgrades we've done! We were going to wait until the spring to put it on the market, but with the extrememly low interest rates, we would rather take a loss on it now and get a good deal on a house. I'll cross my fingers for both of us that we'll be able to sell our condos! :)


I also only got about three hours of sleep! Boo!

House hunting is very exciting, even if you don't plan to buy for awhile. :) Good luck!

And maybe Nick will surprise you with a kitten...he seems like the type to do cute stuff like that!

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