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January 19, 2009


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My husband and I are on a self imposed budget, too. Our reason is so that we will only have to work for 6 months out of the year. Being frugal, saving every penny we can, and budgeting during the working months means we can relax the other 6 months. It is definitely worth the effort.


This is helping me feel motivated about needing to do the same thing... thx for sharing. Maybe it will get easier as time goes on (or after we win the lotto, lol).

Angel A.

Good for you!!! Wish I could be more like that,...but I'm still like you BEFORE your budget. Oh and I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Cheesecake Factory,...my girlfriends and I go there and drink their Lemon Drop Martinis, they are THE BEST. They are like dessert. Try one when you go, you'll be hooked forever. Have fun tonight.


Budgets are hard but unfortunately necessary because we are a wasteful nation! Good for you, I hope you see the benefits soon.


Wow, it sounds like you made that budget your little bitch. Good job!


i've never been to a cheescake factory! i don't think we even have one around here, sad... right?

i've put steve and i on a budget too as of jaunary first and it's not so bad... but it isn't fun but i suppose it could be worse. we spent so much money onthings we just didn't need. good luck!!!


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