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January 20, 2009


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All I saw here was Kindle. I'm drooling over them...some day, some day. Even if you wanted though..there is like a long waiting list.


ps. the double-take dress is absolutely adorable, I love it.

Gyms around here are expensive too. Check YMCAs and local city gyms -- our local city gym charges peanuts (don't remember how low but it was ridiculous). Also colleges/universities often allow outside memberships and their rates, while higher than student's, are often lower than competitors.


You know what? I used to say I never cared about designer names on clothes but they really DO make clothes that fit and look better. I just got a pair of pants a few days ago and it's amazing how much different (better) they are than what I usually get. What brand of jeans do you like?? I definitely could use pointers from you & Angie!


I had no idea you loved designer jeans with the same amount of passion I do. Did you see my post about the 6 pairs of jeans I got for $120? I could NOT believe how many of my readers had NO idea what the brands were.

NOW, that being said. I'm thinking of doing a post on designer jeans........cuts, thoughts, etc. What do you think? Wanna join me somehow?

Jeff gave me a pair of R &R's for Christmas. I LOVE them. Talk about a great fitting pair of jeans. I feel like a super model in them. I got the ones with a flap on the pocket. LOVE em.

Yesterday I found the CUTEST pair of Flynt's (7's) for 44. at Nordstrom Rack. They were not my size, so I picked them up to resell, only to try them on and realize they were sized wrong and they fit like a glove.......

I'd better stop. now. :0

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