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February 04, 2009


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Courtney at Blogging Matilda

Hope you had an awesome vacation! I've tagged you over at my blog :)


This is how I felt during my last few days in Los Angeles. You'll get it all done because you have no choice. That's how us ladies operate!

Have a safe and amazing trip! Looking forward to hearing about it!


Have a wonderful trip!

Angel A.

PLEASE,....JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME. Forget everything else. (It's hard to hear you are coming to FL.,....that's where I live.)Where in FL.?~maybe I can give you some suggestions on where to go, and NOT go! It's pretty cold here today too.Great for us here, but not for you vacationing!Hope all goes well tho,...and just have a good, awesome, relaxing time.Please.


All I thought is "Why are you writing this when you have so much to do?" Because you are addicted to blogging!!!

Hope everything got done and you have a great vacation!


And you still managed to put this writer's workshop together! Have a great vacation!


Have a great trip!!!


I procrastinate too! But hey, have fun on your trip!


honey you are crazy! i think the fact that you got your hair done, got good books, put good music on your iPod, and just got a mani and pedi should totally erase all that other nonsense before that... and yes, i purposefully left out the whole florida things because i'm pretty sure that's a given! :)

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