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February 16, 2009


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Angel Appleton

Sorry you're sick,...everyone needs a few days to vacation from their vacation, right? Hope you have some luck w/ those houses,...great time to buy.(Too bad my husband & I are getting ready to sell two properties.)The puppy thing I totally understand,-as I just went thru that at our condo,...(at least I have my kitty back,) and I'm working on a dog,(I'm not picky,believe me!)I grew up w/ dogs too, and MISS not having one also. I will write the ten things about me in my blog, if you care to visit. OH, and good luck w/ getting the Kindle.(Why not try eBay? Just saying.)Is that possible?


Wow! Getting to work from home! Awesome! More time to work out in the gym due to less commuting and getting ready -- plus you'll need to get out of the house.

And good luck house hunting. Probably a good time to be a buyer and not a seller. You'll need a home office.

And good luck with the puppies.

And I know you are jealous of me about the Kindle but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get some leftover dough from your tax refund to get one.

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