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February 18, 2009


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Courtney at Blogging Matilda

Dude, you're from Woodstock??? I live in Thompson....wow. Small world, sounds like you in Hartford now though? We should do one of those super trendy blog-MeetUps :)
Love the list too, I might steal it :)

Angel Appleton

Wow,~very interesting. I love to hear,know,read how other people think,are and sustain. I think I'll do this on my blog after I get over my 'mesmerizing'evening.
And you two are still so young.


Happy 100! What an interesting post, how did you two meet?

I love the reference to the "flamingo" position, ha! I finally solved the blanket problem by -- and this is going to sound totally anal -- scouring the internet for oversized blankets that are inches and inches wider & longer than the size of my mattress. That's how I found The Company Store. It's embarrassing to remember how much time I spent...

mama kat

How cute!! I'm totally stealing this...if I remember. You two are adorable!

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