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March 26, 2009


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Angel Appleton

I love reading this kinda stuff, but #87 is totally disgusting, and shouldn't even be put in there like it should be something to aspire to do. Sorry, don't mean to sound 'preach-y' but it really is gross. LOVE the rest tho!


do i know of this business?????

and i'm famous and you met me but i don't rate enough to be listed??????

teehee... j/k... kinda


thanks for the shout out! greatly appreciated =) Your parenthetical explanations crack me up. And don't you hate it when there is a random gap or spacing issue? Makes me crazy and of course I can't ever figure out why it's doing that.


ooh! That's so cool! You've done so many neat things. Tell us more about some of them, like having your pic in the newspaper or about the business, or more about the language & art you learned!

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