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March 15, 2009


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I know how you feel about moving! I don't like it one bit either but it sounds like you guys are moving on to bigger and better things! =) That's awesome that you can work from home and a puppy is so much fun.

Good luck =)


One word caught my eye immediately: PUPPY!

If puppies came with moving I would move EVERY DAY. Just sayin'.

Good luck. :)


Love moving to a new place -- hate the packing and actual moving process! Are you guys going to be living together and working together from home?????? That sounds like a LOT of togetherness! You definitely need some extra room to spread out and have some privacy from each other! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get the new tenant!


damn you! now i have to post something!


I am going to be packing in June for a temporary 4-month move. I sympathize! (I'll be writing about it more on my blog once we iron out the details.) But! I totally know what you're saying. My family owned a moving business so we moved about every 3 years when I was a kid. Ugh to packing & schlepping!

BTW about the tan. Just don't do the face -- you'll thank me in about 20 yrs. (Friends my age who sunned in their twenties now look their age at 40.)


I am packing right now and hating every minute of it! There is not enough time in my life to do it. I hope your move goes well - I have two weeks left and have left it a bit late to start my packing so hurry up and start now!

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