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July 16, 2009


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I think Im going to make your day..week..year...they have a filter that fits in your Keurig that you can put Duncan Donuts coffee in it..yes...it is a reality...I saw it at Linens N Things...we need to go there so I can see your face light up..watch the clouds part and the angels begin to sing... yes...I know your saying...but it's not a cup?..one more step for that yummy taste is worth it....


Expired milk is still usable until it turns solid. {*grin*} You just have to make the coffee stronger.

(Spoken as a firm believer that if the coffee needs a cup, it is way too weak.)


Milk is your nemesis? Vegetables are mine. Everytime we go foodshopping, Dan needs to pick up zucchini and cucumbers, but they will never be prepared or eaten. We end up tossing the liquified mess still in its grocery bag and then rush to the store to buy new replacement vegetables to rot. It's maddening!


All relationships have speed bumps, but communication is the key. I'm sure Keurig will appreciate this letter.

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