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July 17, 2009


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I always..is all me--every single one..my yellow lab Faith just looks at me when I say.."I will be right back"-I put on the radio for her & blow her two kisses & make sure a light is on. I hv to chng the channel when those commericals come on. Instant water works if I dont.
I sometimes dream of moving south & hopefully will make that a reality in a couple of years. :o)


I'm the same way with the alarm clock situation! I dread it. I have stopped setting my alarms on weekends unless I MUST be up and out of bed.

The smell of seafood makes me instantly sick. I can't stand it!


As a Masshole gone South, let me tell you, it is a good move... at least it was for me! Every time I go home over Christmas now I can't IMAGINE living in that for months at a time, ever again! :-)

Cheryl @ Pixie Dusted

I cried during the Disney Earth movie, too. when the lil elephant was following the tracks the wrong way? ooooh, its hurts my heart. *sniff*


i think it is so cute that you've gotten Nick to talk to the pets when you leave. Believe it or not, the boyfriend actually SUGGESTED we say goodbye to the pets and tell the when we will return because-get this-he watched it on Animal Planet! OUT OF HIS OWN FREE WILL. WOOOO for 'training' the boys! ;)


I think this is a great meme .... very open-ended and you end up learning alot about a person. I totally relate to the blanket thing ... I HAVE to have something on me to fall asleep -- no matter how hot it is. And when your DVR fails you ... there is pain nad horror. Not a good thing. And I'm a pretty fast reader too -- nothing like being able to block out enough time to just dive into a book and stay submerged until you are done. Do it now because when the kids come, those days are over!!

Great meme! I may have to steal it too!

Angel Appleton

I LOVE these kinda posts,....they let you know how other people think, and to me thats ALWAYS interesting. I think I will do the same on my blog,-thanks for the great idea.

PS. I ALWAYS say goodbye to my kittys and tell them when I'll be home. I don't always do that for my husband even! :)

Amber from Girl with the Red Hair

OH I ALWAYS say goodbye and tell Webster when I'm going to be back before leaving the house, too!

I also have been known to read a really good book in one sitting :-)

Glad you enjoyed the meme!

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