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October 08, 2009


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Oh no!! I would do the same thing in your boat - opt for the more expensive but better option. sigh.

I signed up for pet insurance & pay $62/month for my guy with aspca pet health insurance. I really like them. I did some shopping around and was pleased with their terms more than some of the competitors.

Will be thinking of you & your little guy as he recovers from both surgeries!

Amber from Girl with the Red Hair

I would do the EXACT SAME THING for webster. Caitlin at www.healthytippingpoint.com had a situation with her pup a few days ago that cost them a lot of money. She ended up getting pet insurance for their two dogs, might be worth looking into?!

Glad to hear he's OK!


Oh, no! $2600 for surgery is not pleasant but I agree with you. Dogs are our babies and we treat them as such. I have taken my dog to the vet for the silliest of things. I love the paragraph about all the cute things Dunkin does especially the stuffie eating when he eats! How cute is that!? Wishing Dunkin a speedy recovery and wishing you & your man a lovely engagement. Can't wait to hear more about it!

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