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January 06, 2010


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6nkMyH Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?


Instead of mint, I would recommend checking out www.greensherpa.com It's easy to use, has a 100% security guarantee, and is free of the annoying ads you find with mint. Also, it features a cash flow projection tool, which helps you plan for future expenses (ie yearly payments, planning for a vacation) and budget accordingly.


yay resolutions! have you given vegas any thoughts? :)

i'm aiming to lose about 15 pounds for my wedding, but we'll see how that goes.

Catherinette Singleton

I have a suggestion that might help you with #2. Sign up for www.mint.com . It's a website where you can track all your expenses and it rules. You can set budgets for yourself and see where you're spending too much. I signed up over a year ago and love it. It's free.


haha, no worries! I do the same thing - read but don't comment as much as I want. Usually it's because commenting (within Google reader or via phone) is such a pain in the ass. And then I usually feel so guilty that I avoid my feeds. oy. (Good to know I'm not alone.)

I also hear you on the weight! I wish I were motivated because then I would truly be driven. I have to figure out how to LOVE exercising like a fiend. And stop eating so much junk. But I will try and knowing you are too helps.

Happy New Year! Here's to a good 2010. Even if there's an adjustment period but the overall trend is good, I'll settle for that. :)


Well, thanks for commenting on my post- hopefully, you'll come back and do it again!

As for the credit card thing- I threw away my credit cards a couple years ago and consolidated the balances, and, although that means I'm on a cash-only budget and it can get pretty lean, it's working.


I made a resolution not to make any resolutions because I am crap at them and demand too much of myself! I like yours though and hope you can keep them all.

I am trying to be a better blogger - have been awful over the last year!

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