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June 01, 2010


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Jen kollmer

Hey kim! How are you?? Congrats on your engagement! I noticed your blog...have you heard of P90x??? It's an amazing workout program. U could do it at home and definately get results. My bf and I have done it. He lost over 35 lbs. Thought I would suggest it to you. It's tough but awesome!!! Good luck with the weight loss. Hope all is well. Jen Kollmer


Coke is bad! Bad! And really, it's caloric content is the last thing you should be worried about. Well, maybe not the LAST, but still. Bad! I don't get any enjoyment out of drinking water either, and I'm CONVINCED that drinking more than a waterbottle a day (which is a rare occasion in and of itself) makes me sick, so I drink a lot of sugary tea and oj.


Honestly diet coke isn't much better than regular coke! Its actually worse in some ways and especially because of the no calorie sweetener they use... its actually addicting! And you'll consume more in the long run! Plus a diet coke does not fill the "I need a coke" craving (or the feeling you'll die without one). Now you know me and my love of cola and I managed to cut it down to 2 or 3 a week. Cut down slowly and seriously replace it with water! After the initial withdrawls you won't miss it (as much!). I actually feel super sh!tty after having one now!


I'm not sure if my earlier comment posted - was getting an error. Trying again...


Aww, don't worry about one lil' old pound. Heck, I fluctuate 5 lbs in one day, and within a week, sometimes I find I look like I gained a couple of pounds and then at week's end it evens back out. So just worry about the overall trend. And less important is the number and more important how you feel. Use clothes as a good marker.

I've been working on getting in shape too. It's tough. It's hard to get motivated. Sometimes I can only make myself stretch because that's at least enjoyable, and then that makes me pay attention to my body more, which makes me more in the mood to exercise.

Also, do you enjoy dancing or bouncing to music? I had a trampoline once and loved jumping away to music. I should get one again. Anyway, I'm right there along with you. And you look awesome and will look even more awesome come wedding time!


Replace "Coke" with "wine," and we are facing the same struggle, lady friend!

Le sigh.

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