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January 26, 2011


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I completely understand this. I've vowed to not become *that* girl who only talks about planning her wedding but I do still want to talk about it sometimes! (I won't blog about work either). I struggle to find a balance sometimes, or maybe 'variety' is the right word. Either way...I hear you. :)


I'd love to hear about your wedding plans because they're part of *you* - people follow bloggers because they're interested in their lives and their unique perspectives. Happy to see you online no matter *what* you feel like talking about. I have similar rules about work too, so I can relate to struggling with the balance of what to blog about. :)


I am SO glad that you added me on Good Reads. It's such a fun site :) And I'm glad to see you'll be posting again. I've missed you and your blog. Also, I love me some good wedding details, no matter what they are!

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